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the master let me hook refining fire from the days here

To a radius of less than a hundred meters of the valley is full of legs wind lovers, as the cyclone transit. Quit the Big Brother quit. "Sunglass kick was in full swing, and behold behind crisp voice exploding turned to look, Dragon Fire is carrying rice basket cheek bulging staring at his eyes sent did not emit fire. "Big Brother, hello." the sunglass reported to resplendent smile. saw this heartless laugh, the Dragon Fire liver almost to the air bombing of the moment on his left hand on his hips and roared: "Young, you are too much for the brothers every day, good fish, good meat wait on you, master filled misses you only hope that you will soon be able to break through to the third layer, for this Big Brother will willingly, who knows you kid making progress, actually monkey legs, I'm furious! "Dragon Fire furious, he this is child Mind, the past few days to be the "ghost Fearless" left a genius, right a talented set of sunglass head, and my heart was a stomach grumbling, see also this "genius" proper job here like a monkey jumping up and down, suddenly on the blood basket wished he could be thrown to the ground. Fortunately, he in the end has always been a "ghost workers" pulse itself as a big brother, how many know the reserved demeanor, otherwise , estimated and already fell the basket leave. sunglass feel big head immediately exceedingly comforted "Big Brother", to do some in-depth review, this dragon fire anger eliminate. Dragon Fire is children, sunglass see a look of stern countenance, anger is also removed more than half of my heart, He looked at the the haze overhead sky, suddenly playing big heart, leaned in a low voice, said: "Young, you bored?" sunglass see Dragon Fire Vice God God Buddies look like, and asks: "anything for brothers?" "this place is remote, but but Maha cases of geographical thousands of miles away, it touches a bazaar, fun in the bazaar are , Buddha Maha cases, the uprightness of the awe-inspiring cases of the book, the immeasurable cases Chibi Talisman puppet were described love dolls, can be described as everything can be fun. "Dragon Fire a the mind swaying the appearance on difference does not leave a pulling sunglass sleeves. sunglass was some hesitation: "Big Brother, this is not right ... after all, the master let me hook refining fire from the days here, the metamorphosis of Talisman beast, If I walk away, only afraid is not right. "Dragon Fire is a wave Dalie Lie: so much better than concerns The Talisman Huanshou is not one or two things, to year master years off the ground, you have indeed a few day, can be concise hell out of it touches. "" should let the master known ............ "sunglass or hesitant dragon fire, see the sunglass that some conative, hastened to strike while the iron is hot:" might do, the retreat master not control, we have to go one day, Zaoquzaohui it delicious too many times, as early as possible ah. "Dragon Big Brother playful Chi, as early as the" ghost Fearless " ; amulet come charged forget erased. "ah Come on then, and so what." sunglass heart of a dynamic, this time, he also felt some boring, have the opportunity to go out some insight to the concept of God world

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stench of sweat a the viscous micro black

Understand it let alone change. "Six awakened blossom, be able to create their own martial master Hou Realm of God at least. Sunglass Today, even the most times of the multitude of the heavenly host environment have never touched the edge, not to mention God Hou environment. then Miao Miao hard to match on the infinite Tome esoteric martial arts techniques pincers animals, although superficial, but clever than he had learned various martial change too much, enough to allow him to be modified in order to fade the legs Gods ring mind chaotic Figure recorded clearly, a circle of ripples turbulent final end to the side of the mirror flat mirror into hundreds pincers Exclusive the beast running lines in turn, in flowing, and both inflow sunglass mind, he constantly plug take the phase-out, last I left five illustrated fake oakleys catalog. longer functioning mind, concise own meridians the Figure five suitable illustrated catalog to the meridians cash to take a look in the end which vice is more suitable legs practice of the law. this speech He Qihao big project, consuming the human mind, and good sunglass following characteristics of the veins of the record division favorite analysis of the dismantling of martial art, so as to create a new power law for him in terms of a project in no way boring, but the pleasure incomparable person, one heart, we sleepless nights do not remember that dragon fire came in how many times more do not remember what daily food eat, to the day, when the roar of thunder in the belly, suppressing hunger that the pincers leg Law once again performed when suddenly a hot between the legs just felt heat wave rolling across the meridians, like boiling water in general, legs and feet Tiehuan crashed and broken. soma top phosgene is the crest of an elephant, two elephant ............ full condensed out of 15 as the forces of light and shadow. "physique shackles do go, really happy!" sunglass more feel so light, leap, has a five-meter as a hairiness like a fist hit the air sounds vaguely like tidal waves rolled this moment, he was entirely off the slaves of the prohibition of weapons, and even a light body, there was a jis unpredictable the invisible shackles dissipated away, my mind is Qingming the whole body stench of sweat a the viscous micro black, like the impurities a class of some kind. sunglass understand the world It is the physique of toxins, Gods ring off, these toxins will be excreted have citizenship, formally the concept of God macrocosm admit has five centuries Shouyuan. Rao is not scared sunglass has always been indifferent, at the moment can not stand up to the harbor agitation straight to burst into a tsunami. sunglass heart merry the incomparable cast this the pincers leg Law tiger wind, strange but yet sharp, drifting apart from the ghost of an armored clamp worm better showing this martial art is not clever, can only be considered on technology is not ; infinite Tome four thousand Budokan within each infinite Tome included martial are tempered, God almost Jindao, collectively referred to four thousand fake oakley sunglasses Budokan. the Budokan, foes techniques. pincers legs, although crude, more powerful than four thousand Budokan also a lot of difference, but whatever the outcome, sunglass came to the idea of ​​God macrocosm own first door martial, quite commemorative value. lot of leg cast

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sunglass smiled

"Hey, kid, do not be afraid, I have most of the power of the integration of the 'male', deal with just these two guys is not much of a problem, hey, you just worry." Yin " above the clouds facing sunglass squeeze under the eye, mind exchange. duo is relying "Dragon Soul Rings" and signing a contract, and therefore be able to mind the same in that void above red red Giants and six hand Ombudsman is a laugh, did not these party the Swire SHENLONG looked down on. "Well, Swire Pacific Dragon? too funny, but is a long Lingyu beast nothing in our world, but also is used for car beasts only, with the forward momentum so exaggerated it? "the six hands disapproval smile, he bowed his head, facing their own broken arm exhales breath but pure white gas gas covering the top of the arm, and soon bones connection on intact the arms or hands, nonchalant smile, and no "overcast" on the eyes of the red giant. 'Yin', others seem less you seriously. "sunglass smiled, remind 'yin' spiritual exchange." Yin "Lengheng the cry," Well, do not care, and soon I let them know that powerful. "when the air whistling loudly, a yin body roll, like the stars burst general infinite black air projection and open, one wearing a black gown, a slender face the man in black fog being gone, his face Junya Black shawl, his hands lost behind cold just looking indescribable, and fortitude just like a knife. "mere a long-haired reptiles, also dare presumptuous, let me." ; six hand monitor when empty leap, like a giant octopus-like, six the arms wielded fixed law printed water bottles printed "waves and India" the "Yasha India Jingtao India "waves printed FY India" six different mark each with an infinite power of water vapor, six Indian combination, hit a crashing change, the achievements of a huge handprint " ; the six Indian unity, the large Luo days kaihe India "six hands loudly burst drink, huge hands of the French and Indian burst out huge enough to tear the world of sound, showing handprint into a whirlpool, maelstrom, faint emerged a hole, mouth yard, huge water flow like rivers surging as a vast pillars impact away an impactor enough level master Wu Sheng Knocked crushed, even the air is rushed into powder Mi water the power and influence of the waves, tis here. "Yin" but solemn face, did not these surge to vanity red open water waves on the eyes, just cry scoff Lengheng. "Well, we Maronite is dabble ancestors, you and I have a competition in the power of water, not an expert, knocked? me go back. "Yin" long-sleeved roll, one vast matchless power they gushing , abruptly this one shaking water waves to rewind back. "What?" six hand to monitor his face suddenly hang of live facing the reverse surging water from waves, mouth spit white water vapor. Dixin water, give me H-back. "In an instant, the waves roll

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this kid God source fragments

Are only one step away from the Valkyrie, dry your mother, you say ants? Dragon, almost into initial Valkyrie, you also said that the ants? This dragon did guy, conveniently guy You also may not block down the Giants but the prospect of a solution of a twist, step across to six hands in front of, Yinhen a smile: "Six hand, do not forget your identity, refuses to accept it, hey, easy to handle, or else you and I to over a? "giant compass of the hands of startled, ten thousand golden divergent, sharp matchless torn a strip of silk thread-like air. As for the the giant whole body of anger, one through ten thousand gold into once again boom boom around the sky, the most appalling, originally vaguely restrained giant fire, water and gas began to collapse, the six hand over the body of water gas began to dry up, fire forcing from beyond the control of six hand only back five steps away compass, ............ six hand face ashen. "Haha, no ability to give, I shut up, but where's so much nonsense." giant laughed, turned strides away. "compass you relied on to have that golden compass fills Well, and so I return to the concept of God the world, working like mad to have to change in Goodfellas, see you when the time also arrogant. and six hand hideous roared. " Ha ha ha .................. response to his was long giant disdain laughter, and not faint shadow in the clouds. "darn, mad I had." six hands furious, the sky and shouts infinite water vapor above the six arms spread out, converging to a real torrent Manjuan and thorough coverage of the entire desert, water monstrous waves of this water waves, that is a huge black gold castle was The strange disappearance, did not cause anyone to detect. For thousands of miles into the sky, the red giant is sitting cross-legged on the divergent turn golden compass on top of the endless golden phosgene crack out a trace sinks embroiled him soma, the deposit can to help the fire giant body red light more bright he is to turn a blind eye to contemplation, meditation, compass slowly rotation, issued a series of channeling the muffled sound of metal friction, but slowly not harsh. "Yes, this kid is swallowed up the creators 'guy can engulf the creators' soul, plus 'Chaos God the source' fragments appear in this cheap oakley sunglasses Oriental Star likelihood is that this kid God source fragments, and he moves into hiding with the breath of the stars of the Road, hiding from my eyes, oh, long been rumors the past three eternal master of the 'Lord of the stars' fall from the sky in a star field, can not think of encounter really to me, hey, this kid is really head Sheep, gold pupil, give me out. giant flexor a bomb, a surge of anger burst, shot in above Golden Compass. surge crisp extremely voice sounded above the compass, swaying a little candle suddenly jumped out and become the embodiment of a a robe long face humanoid lighting. "Master, you summon under what? past year, Dahong cases many martial finishing has been completed, is intended to return you there. fake oakleys "which sound as if from a distant place, looming in the shadows behind him, a very magnificent palace looks like this is a projection, the giant display their compass on the special features, the ray of spiritual knowledge in the hands of

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as well as late program

Not to mention, since you two are buddies, people are not outsiders, and do not be too see outside, ah? "Having said that, fake oakleys did not mean it and officialdom on the people to make some relationship right, he is very good, but whither Development, fake oakleys absolutely do not want to. So the trio first clink drink, until after a few glasses you'll feel that she opened the topic, "fake oakleys, your surname Zhang's friends, can take over the Plaza project? initial need to use the funds, and provincial funding I do not know when, Tingde Zhu? "Yu Jianxi squint questions, he knew that this type to engage in real estate boss capability, Zhang Deshun providers, natural and ultimately people and officialdom ride, even money, often had to ask someone to act. Zhang Deshun want to embrace the project at hand fixed capital also several million, and Zhang Deshun also impossible the full fixed capital investment into, obviously will find bank borrowings that time, as long as the item is laid down, to get the development of procedures, and then prop point relationship, bank lending is certainly not a problem. As for provincial funding. Although it is a problem, but government money owed, but too long is unlikely, although that time they have to spend, but also nothing to be done. "which I'm not sure, Zhang brother to take up this project, should be ready, I just design. "design fee is how much?" Yu Jianxi staring at fake oakleys asked this so fake oakleys, embarrassed opening melancholy moment, said: "I brother not to take money describes the problem, I have not talked about the price, his down payment of twenty thousand, the program selected there are 20,000. "" forty thousand? "Yu Jianxi somewhat surprised, to endure their relationship, no matter how good, is also cooperative relationship with each other, as designers charge a very natural thing, but this is about to swallow tens of thousands of down, but people would not understand, fake oakleys this program standards, only the initial planning and design costs at least up to million! Yu Jianxi seasoned people click on the calculate which probably, the overall planning of the initial design of the overall program freeze eighty, as well as late program, including the Square project implementation process, the total program is fake oakleys proceed, all parts of the detailed program can only fake oakleys, doing this is a small amount of work. "is the overall design of the initial expenses?" "should, if selected, the purpose of process there will be many places need a detailed program. "fake oakleys Road, in fact, fake oakleys counted, if the program can be selected, after the implementation of the project, but also have to handle the details of the program's problems, this calculation down, and no small amount of funding the entire project completely doing design costs are at least five hundred thousand, this account fake oakleys understand, so to fake oakleys beginning and did not much care about the issue of design fees, Instead, closer and

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